STARS FOR YOU. Veene ★★★ Sereis ★★★ Leiko ★★★ and ★★★ for anyone you'd like.


  • He thinks cats are very elegant, and has a weird sort of fondness for them.
  • He loves jewelry. He will just wear nothing but jewelry if he can find an appropriate occasion.
  • He also likes wearing long skirts. I guess in general he’s into aesthetics that over here are considered ‘feminine’ but he doesn’t see them that way at all.


  • Been doing redesign stuff on her, she likes the aesthetics of magma and the obsidian it creates so her skin is black in a way you don’t see often (or I don’t, anyway, people do get that dark but I’ve rarely see it) but her hair is just super bright red (she also thinks fros are awesome so she rocks that). And AS YOU KNOW her flair is fire, she thinks she looks pretty badass (and she’d be right).
  • She really dislikes rain and wet places.
  • She likes scarification.


  • She loves hacker movies (because they’re basically comedy gold) or any movie where any hacking ever happens, ever.
  • She doesn’t see the point of reading fictional stories - history, sure, but fiction? She doesn’t get it.
  • She likes collecting those awful looking cat ceramics (and break them when she’s in a mood).

And because I’m honestly surprised you didn’t ask for him…


  • He was bisexual and very attracted to Veene, but the way Veene went about sexual-things made him really uncomfortable. They had one fully sexual experience together and after that Selthar refused to do anything else sexual with Veene.
  • He tried really hard not to abuse his power over Veene, sometimes he’d slip up, though. In general he tried to make Veene as comfortable as he could, Veene kind of put him on edge and he wanted to help Veene out.
  • He was really fascinated with spirits and magic, partly because he wanted to find out what happened when we died, partly because he wanted to be able to wield magics and thus be cool. (And also leave a legacy in the form of a guide to magic.)
★★★ for Veene and ★★★ for Arro and ★★★ for Denre, please!


  • If he has his hair long he hates to wear it down, he doesn’t like it touching his shoulders or back.
  • He really doesn’t like guns.
  • He’s terrified his boyfriend will wind up hating him someday.


  • He’s a dog person but cats love him.
  • Despite the fact that he gets really conflicted over his job, he never hesitates when he’s on a hunt.
  • He doesn’t like movies.


  • He likes reading, but sometimes does sudoku puzzles or stares off into space to pass the time.
  • He thinks computers and video games are fascinating (but is terrible at operating either of those things).
  • He thinks dresses and long coats and frilly things are awesome.
  • BONUS: He is the Actual Fae Prince.
for veenie: ❄, ✕, ✓, ☁, ★, and ♣! For Leiko: ♠, ♣, ☾, ♪, ♫, ✕! also i cant resist a few for my boy torrin (if that's cool): ☁, ♫,☺

Going to smush Leiko’s with Vin’s ask (who asked for Leiko).

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Pertaining to the 'have a nice day' post, I was about to send some kind of silly ask about whether or not Veene would be forced to "have a nice day" if a master ordered it. And I started thinking that's a dangerously vague command and imagined Veene calmly mentally going over what would make his day a good day, "Hm, evening dancing, cooking for friends, ignoring all previous commands to this one and killing my master, conversing with interesting people..."



dear veenie

Dear Veene,

A few days ago, when I was going through old-old letters (much like the one I’m writing now, but back when everyone had reblogged the meme and were participating) I came across one of the letters to you, from another person. It was from November, in 2011, when you weren’t yet at the height of your (more recent) misery, and more than a year before you’d be free of that misery, they wrote to you:

I suggest that if you find something or someone you’re passionate about- don’t push it away, keep it close to you and give your all to it.

I remember at the time how absurd I thought that was. How utterly ridiculous the idea of you being passionate about someone in a constructive way was. I thought the letter was nice, of course, I just thought it would never happen. I don’t think you ever thought it would happen either. After all, you’ve lived through so many millennium and you’ve never found someone to be passionate about in a way that didn’t involve hate. And you’ve gotten good at hating, too. To the point where even if you sort of liked someone or found them interesting you sought to destroy them, partly out of need, partly out of that being what you knew how to do.

And yet here we are, you’ve come so far. You’ve proved both of us wrong. It’s nice to not have your worser emotions as a plague on my mind, it’s nice to see and feel you so content with another individual, it’s wonderful to see you start to open up to someone, to let them peek a little at the horrors that make up your being. It’s amazing to feel you shake with the emotion and effort of getting out an ‘I love you.’ It never fails to make me smile.

You’re still pessimistic about this relationship, and I guess I am too. We’re both firm in the belief that everything is transitory, so we both know that things don’t last forever, people change, people die, the world changes. Regardless, I do hope that this relationship will last longer than you anticipate, I hope you two can grow and learn together for a long time. I hope that when, eventually, you two go your separate ways, it’s on good terms.

Lots of love,

Sometimes characters change and evolve through rping with others, sometimes in unexpected ways. For example, I don't think I could have seen Jesse going steady with a character like Corona a couple years ago, but his interactions with others (in particular, Veene) kind of opened up that door for him. Before Veene and Siidhi were together, would you have expected that to happen? Or that they'd still be in a relationship now? If not, what sort of things changed for Veene for that to happen?

You can basically answer this yourself, if you really wanted to, by looking at old asks. Not that you have to, and there isn’t much more besides those two, but they DO PRETTY WELL encapsulate my outlook on Veene’s potential for relationships before Siidhi happened.

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Oh, do they ever fight. When they fight they fight hardcore.
And when they fight it’s generally as foreplay to sex, so they’re not really fighting about anything except who gets to top. Sometimes the scuffle comes about because Veene will not stop teasing poor Siidhi.
Siidhi enjoys it more than Veene does, I think. Veene finds it fun and a little bit exhilarating, but doesn’t find it particularly arousing until the last stages of the fight (where there’s pinning and sometimes teasing or dirty talk). Anything that gets Siidhi going tends to work pretty well on Veene, though, an excited boyfriend makes for an excited Veene.
Usually, Veene wants to be topped by Siidhi, so if he winds up ‘winning’ but isn’t much in the mood for dominating his boyfriend he’ll just start leaving plenty of openings for Siidhi to switch their positions (so far, Siidhi’s never let him down in that regard.)

Oh, do they ever fight. When they fight they fight hardcore.

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What sort of things do Veene and Siidhi talk about? Minus physical intimacy, what sort of things do they do together? What sort of places do they go to?

They talk about just about anything. About people they know and people they knew; Places they’ve been and places they’d like to go; Things they’ve done and things they’d like to do together; Their ideas and thoughts on some philosophies and issues; Fears new and old. You know, ‘stuff.’

They only do each other, that is all. They dance, and talk, and sometimes lay about doing nothing for hours.

They spend most of their time in or around one of Veene’s houses, or at the Gavet household. But Qatu and Veene very much enjoy showing each other places of importance or places that are just nice somehow.

Do Qatu and Veene fight at all?
Not that I can think of, actually. I think they disagree from time to time on some things, but they’re usually pretty level headed when it comes to disagreements between them, so unless I am SOMEHOW FORGETTING SOMETHING no, they haven’t really fought.
They have dealt with one another having emotional breakdowns, though, so maybe that counts for something.
Do they express affection even in public?
We’re behind on our RPs, so the last time they were out in public-public together they were not nearly as close as they are now, and as a result weren’t very openly affectionate. They do tend to be extremely affectionate in front of other people, or have so far, so I think it’d be safe to say that they would express affection in public. They wouldn’t do anything outlandish like strip down and have sex somewhere public, but they would keep close and touch one another, exchange kisses here and there.
Does Veene see himself being with Qatu in the long future?
Veene’s pretty pessimistic about this stuff, he can’t even believe he’s in this relationship half the time, or thinks he’ll wake up and it will have all been a dream, so he doesn’t really think about the future, distant or otherwise, when it comes to Qatu. He’s positive they will eventually part ways, but he is determined to make sure that they part ways on good terms when it happens. Even though he knows they’ll have to grow apart eventually he would very much like Qatu to be someone who he could still comfortably hang around with or talk with even when they’re no longer incredibly intimate.
So I guess the answer to your question is ‘yes.’
Would Veene ever want to raise kids with Qatu?
Yes and no, really. He’s not sure that he and Qatu would make suitable parents, he knows Qatu isn’t interested in having children, and he has no interest in carrying children himself, so those are all things that would keep it from ever happening - but he does like children, and does think that they could do it if Qatu ever decided he really wanted to raise children. It’s not an active want, but it’d be something he’d be more than willing to try.
What kind of gift would Veene give to Qatu?
On what sort of occasion? Veene has given gifts to Qatu, and Qatu has given gifts to Veene. Gifts, both ways, of understanding, acceptance, safety - companionship. They’ve given the other names and scars, shared cultures, languages, and dishes. They’ve gifted personal burdens, memories and fears, to one another. We haven’t gotten there yet but Veene is going to give Qatu a mask at some point. Otherwise most of their gifts are those of the non-physical, and neither of them really take those things for granted.
What traits (physical or otherwise) about Qatu does Veene like?
At first Veene didn’t really like or dislike anything about Qatu, but the guy as grown on him considerably - to the point where if Veene doesn’t like something about Qatu then it would have to be something he doesn’t know about. SO! If you want a better answer to this question I guess you’ll have to be more specific?
Veene to Qatuuu.

If Qatu were asleep and Veene walked in and Veene didn’t have to wake him up for anything important he’d go and cook first. Probably something spicy or something drenched in messy spicy sauce. He’d eat a bit of it, get it on his hands and face enough to be noticeable. Then snuggle in next to Qatu (hiding the remaining food behind him or something), aura-nudge him awake and pretend he didn’t and be all “Oh! You’re finally awake, good morning. I made breakfast but I didn’t want it getting cold so I ate it myself while I was waiting. Shame, too, it was your favourite - you could always lick the remaining sauce off of me.” just to be a massive tease. IF Qatu did actually try to lick the sauce off of him Veene would LAUGH AND GIVE UP THE FOOD but if he didn’t Veene would EVENTUALLY give up the food anyway, repeat his good morning properly and lick off his fingers and lips. (THOUGH this is only really good for one use, but if he ever does this he’ll come up with something equally stupid next time.)

If he had to get Qatu up for something he’d just kiss his face and tell him to wake up, and give him a good morning once he did and tell him WHY HE IS BEING AWOKEN.

If they were sleeping together Veene wouldn’t wake up before him, unless Veene just hadn’t slept (which is possible) but in that case he’d just let Qatu rest and enjoy the snuggling.