are adel and nithria friends? HOW CLOSE? whats their gender(s)? whats "the local widllife" like? (are they monsters and mythical creatuers and stuff? IF SO, WHAT KIND) how'd they meet wesha exactly? what could wesha have done to the wildlife? ALSO! does wesha ever get sad that she can't control her psychic powers? i bet the past and future and everything being all jumbled together wou;d be confusing. and uh whats the extent of her power can she just tell the future or is there other stuff

So, not only are you asking fifty-billion questions but you have MULTIPLE QUESTIONS IN ONE AAAAAH. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I CAN’T HANDLE THIS. *ROCKS BACK AND FORTH* Wait, yes I can.

Adel and Nithria are ‘married’ but marriage isn’t at all Christian-related in their world so I use the term loosely. They’re incredibly close, Nithria thinks they’re soulmates (in that their souls complete each other not that they’re the same soul or anything) and Adel doesn’t really believe in the whole soul-mate thing but his feelings are on the same level of WE’RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. They’re probably the only couple I have who get along so well.

Adel is male, Nithria is female. They’re also both human.

The LOCAL WILDLIFE is everything from sentient trees and flowers and so on to animals with a higher level of intelligence than is normally apparent. Nithria and Adel have also befriended a dragon who sort’ve has claimed the mountain as hers. There aren’t too many mythical creatures skulking about but there are a few (mostly things that are just as real as chipmunks and leopards and horses in their world and not all of them are based off of mythical creatures in our world). I’d be here for a while if I tried to list them all and even then I would FORGET A BUNCH I’M SURE. In general everyone on the mountain is violently opposed to outsiders especially humans.

Wesha stumbled into the area, was busy blowing things up so they couldn’t hurt her. Nithria and Adel freaked out since PISSING OFF THE WILDLIFE IS A BAD IDEA WHO IS DOING THAT OH MY GOSH WE HAVE TO GO STOP THEM BEFORE THEY DIE HORRIBLY. They found Wesha, found that she wasn’t exactly intending to be a horrible person to the forest but ‘they started it’ (in the future) so then she decided to get the jump on it. She was pretty badly wounded, though Adel and Nithria were kind of confused since Wesha didn’t seem to notie she was hurt, so they took her in for a while.

Wesha could have destroyed EVVEERRYTHING. But she didn’t.

She never gets sad about it, no, sometimes she gets annoyed when people bother her about it or when she has issues communicating something as a result of it but other than that she doesn’t care. It’s confusing but she’s gotten used to it so she manages pretty well with seeing the past and future at the same time. And she can do a lot of other magic, and she only gets better at it as time goes on.

mr-steph replied to your post: I’d like to know about Wesha! Her color scheme and design seems very much like she’d be out wandering the desert, but in the comments on your pictures of her you noted that those colors would probably not be the final scheme for Wesha. Anyhow, how old is she? What kind of story/world/setting does she take place in? What’s her story in general? Is she really a prophet?

man poor wesha. she is so cool… didn’t you write something about her once? with like a tree and stuff??? i remember REALLY DIGGING THAT piece of writing

Yeah, ‘Shadow of Beauty’ prompt, I think. It’s right here, and one of the few instances she speaks coherently (granted, when she doesn’t say much it’s usually more likely to be coherent than when she tries to string together a whole sentence or two.

I'd like to know about Wesha! Her color scheme and design seems very much like she'd be out wandering the desert, but in the comments on your pictures of her you noted that those colors would probably not be the final scheme for Wesha. Anyhow, how old is she? What kind of story/world/setting does she take place in? What's her story in general? Is she really a prophet?

She does do a lot of wandering (or stumbling from place to place, at least). She goes over a lot of terrain, though, she goes pretty much anywhere she can go or is safe to go (relatively safe, at least).

I sort’ve mess around with her at different ages but, usually, when I do anything with her she winds up in her twenties or early thirties.

She’s from the paaaast in a fantasy world, with the magic and the crazy creatures and all that FUN STUFF.

Her story as in her history? When she was a kid she didn’t have the power she has now. She lived in a city that was pretty heavily influenced by magic users, pretty much all of their workplaces and school systems were centered around it. She was a pretty enthusiastic kid and was really into her studies but she was hardly the best student when it came to all the magical stuff but she would up one of the top five in her later classes, anyway.

So what happens is that they take the top five kids and give them the power to see either the past or the future and then they’re expected to study the things they see in either, sort’ve become scholars. Most of them don’t live very long (because they either get so into their studies that the power to see the past or the future seriously taxes their mind and they die from exhaustion, or they just kind of go crazy and off themselves (either as a result of the things they see or the fact that they’re pretty much allowed no social life and not really allowed to do anything just for themselves just for fun).

When the five kids are given these powers they need to be in a more peaceful state of mind - very little stress, anxiety and so on. Usually the excitement/anxiety can be taken care of, since that’s expected, but they tend to put the kids under watch to make sure nothing wigs them out. One of the kids told Wesha her sister (which was her only family) had passed away as a prank, and Wesha completely believed them. She didn’t let the people giving them DUH POWERS know, though, since she didn’t want to interrupt the ceremony and the proceedings since it was a huge honour and even if her sister died she felt she shouldn’t just stop everything.

SO she goes into the ceremony and as a result of her internally spazzing about her sister being dead (when she wasn’t) the whole thing goes HORRIBLY WRONG and she winds up being able to see the past and the future at the same time, all the time, unless she turns it off. (She can only keep it off for so long before she starts getting an insane head). So the present sort’ve comes through as an incredibly muddled haze and she sometimes is completely incoherent when speaking because she’s flipping through futures a-few-seconds-into-the-future and loses track of what she’s actually saying for what she will say.

So now she just sort’ve guides people from one city to another (granted there’s a way to get them there without them dying) and doesn’t really have a permanent ties or friends or anything (and is pretty bad at developing relationships even if she wanted to).