Pick three of your characters, hopefully ones with contrasting views and personalities, and tell me what they think of both the legalization of homosexual marriage and the legalization of marijuana. Why do they think that way, whether it be strong views or not strong views.

Meginna would be pissed, at both. For her she thinks homosexuality is a complete abomination (and doesn’t know her son is gay and would probably, literally, kill him if she ever finds out) she’s one of those hunters I talked about on Sunday from the super-high-end-family and kind of has a stick up her ass. She thinks engaging in same sex intercourse is completely unproductive and something only the disgraceful things they hunt do (which are worse than animals). She thinks it’s the result of people just wanting to have sex without understanding the importance of bearing children (which is really important within the hunting community) and that anyone who understood that would never, ever, engage in pointless same sex sexing. So she’d be really disgusted by same sex marriages being legalized, and would start to question why they’re protecting those stupid humans that are COMPLETELY BELOW US HUNTERS. She might, since she’s sort’ve gone whacko, start insisting that homosexuals are just individuals possessed by malevolent lustful spirits and must be purged and would probably try and get her son to go out and kill them (he wouldn’t, but she would try). She has a similar extreme view that all drugs are evil the ones that supposedly ‘help’ you just leave you weak, in her opinion, because your body doesn’t learn to fend for itself and then the other drugs just flat out harm you (she knows next to nothing about much of anything medically speaking). SO she’d also be all NO toward the legalization of marijuana but I guess she wouldn’t be too worried about it since she knows he precious son would never do that sort of thing. She’d just sneer at the human race a whole ton.

oh and arro's mom. WHAT WAS SHE LIKE BEFORE SHE WENT NUTS??? does she ever wonder if she's TOO HARD on arro or does she just think of it as a perfectly legit way to raise a kid? how come arro's grandma doesn't kidnap him away as well with his sister (sorry if you have told me this before :la)

She used to be pretty strict but she was always pretty careful she didn’t push Arro’s limits too much, but she always wanted him to be the best he could be so she wasn’t exactly the best parent ever but she was really worried that if he wasn’t the best and didn’t know everything he’d wind up being killed or screwed over by another hunter and she hated the idea of that happening. Despite being pretty pushy and trying to make him the best ever she really did care for him and was really supporting, she was kind of hard for Arro to approach though since, even in being supportive, she was pretty uptight about rules and how things are done and should be done, she did try though.

Ever since Crestin died she sort’ve lost grip on the idea of moderation. She thinks that, despite the fact that she’s nearly killed Arro more than once, she’s doing an awesome job of raising him - she got really attached to the phrase ‘whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ so it makes her feel better about what she does with Arro, he’s not dead so he’s clearly stronger for it. In a way she’d rather she kill him than have him go out and die like Crestin did and she does think nearly murdering him is a perfectly fine way to raise a child especially in their line of work. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but Arro’s grandmother on his father’s side, Gratia, took his sister away when she found out how bad Meginna had snapped. She tried to take Arro away, too, but Meginna had threatened to kill Arro if Gratia tried.

Gratia tried anyway and Meginna seriously did try to kill Arro (Denre intervened and got pretty badly wounded which left Meginna worse off since Denre was sort’ve one of Crestin’s “investments” in a way so by injuring him she felt she’d betrayed Crestin IT DID NOT HELP HER MENTAL STATE). So Arro wound up having to stay. He doesn’t see his younger sister too often anymore but she’s being trained in a less brutal environment.