★★★ for Veene and ★★★ for Arro and ★★★ for Denre, please!


  • If he has his hair long he hates to wear it down, he doesn’t like it touching his shoulders or back.
  • He really doesn’t like guns.
  • He’s terrified his boyfriend will wind up hating him someday.


  • He’s a dog person but cats love him.
  • Despite the fact that he gets really conflicted over his job, he never hesitates when he’s on a hunt.
  • He doesn’t like movies.


  • He likes reading, but sometimes does sudoku puzzles or stares off into space to pass the time.
  • He thinks computers and video games are fascinating (but is terrible at operating either of those things).
  • He thinks dresses and long coats and frilly things are awesome.
  • BONUS: He is the Actual Fae Prince.
Follow up question to the one about Arro and Denre. Do they ever get over their various issues and become a couple?

By this point I have no clue, actually. Originally, the idea was that they would (eventually) get over their personal problems and become an item. As it stands, Arro may eventually get over himself, but Denre has a phobia that I’m not sure can be come over. If they ever do become a couple then it will be purely romantic and not at all sexual.

Thanks for asking!

The ‘current status of their relationship’ is kind of a mess and also kind of depends on when ‘current’ is, for simplicities sake we’ll go with the Arro an Denre that exist in the RP-verse with everyone (‘everyone’ being  the Darcy & co. portion, anyway).
They’re friends, but they’re like family. Arro is sexually (and romantically) attracted to Denre, but at this point is still in pretty vehement denial of being gay. Denre is terrified of sex but is pretty aware that Arro finds him attractive - which makes him vaguely uncomfortable sometimes but Arro has never acted on it and he’s taken a certain amount of relief from that.
Denre has been with Arro since he was super young, so the whole ‘friends’ thing becomes a little muddled since they have a relationship that’s developed closer to how a family’s would than friends. But BASICALLY, they care very deeply for one another (but have different desires when it comes to their relationship.)
Arro will get himself killed to protect Denre - he doesn’t normally find himself in a situation where he needs to worry about Denre, though, and in most instances assumes Denre can fend for himself, so while he’d get himself killed to save Denre he also isn’t going to ‘protect’ the guy unless he’s positive Denre really needs the help. Denre is about the same, but doesn’t quite give Arro the same benefit of the doubt and does get scary protective if he thinks Arro’s in trouble.
Arro’s dad introduced them when they decided to let Denre stay in their household.
I can't remember if this has been answered before but 1- how did Arro and Denre meet and 2- How did Arro get into DUH HUNTING BUSINESS?

I forget sometimes that not everyone knows this.

1. Denre has been interested in gathering information about his own species, at one point Faetal suggested he try to get into the hunter community since they’re bound to have records of his kind. Eventually this led Denre to find Arro’s father, Crestin (this was before Arro was born) who invited Denre to stay with them and go through their family library (which is more a massive collection of journals and notes than anything else) at his leisure. Denre continued to stay even after Crestin’s death (which was when Arro was fairly young) and started looking after the young cranky boy.

2. It’s a FAMILY BUSINESS thing, normally he would have had the choice to not do it, but most families (especially old ones - like Arro’s) pressure their kids to go into it pretty severely so few ever get out since it’d basically mean leaving your family forever. He didn’t really even have that much of a choice, though.

If Arro was in a near death situation would Denre turn him so he wouldn't die?

No, on top of the fact that Arro would likely murder himself if that were to happen he wouldn’t want to disrespect Arro’s wishes/beliefs by turning him against his will - even if it would save is ‘life’.

I've been keeping up with your little bits of writeing you post on your writeing accoutn and is the whole Denre turning Arro and Arro then killing Denre thing canon?

Oh Gosh, no!

The thing Shpeyer/Musemint sent was because I had reblogged a post asking for fanfictions in my ask box - assuming that’s what you’re talking about, I don’t… recall having posted anything but that one thing involving Arro and Denre on there so I’ll assume it’s that ask that you’re talking about (there’s also this conversation between Faetal and Denre but that’s really old and might be a ‘dead end’/non-canon interaction). If it’s someone else I’d love clarification!

Denre is completely aware that Arro would murder him and then himself if he were to try and turn Arro so chances of Denre turning Arro are pretty slim unless Denre goes suicidal. He has been trying to find a way to make Arro less likely to die, but he’s not sure how to do that without turning him (and Denre’s type of vampire is pretty much one of the most durable and easily sustained).

"We're the same temperature now," Denre affectionately murmured.

Arro stared at Denre for the time it might have taken his heart to beat if it were still beating.

"Well. Fuck," he responded, promptly shooting Denre in the face.