sorry if you've answered this and i just FORGOT!! but if claire learned she was going to die via some sort of wasting-away illness and she didn't want to die how would she react to the fact that despite her best efforts her body was getting weaker etc

She doesn’t think she  actually can die and would be sure there was a purpose or lesson to be learned in her ailment. She’d either kill herself (to more quickly move onto the next world her subconscious shoves her into) or she’d investigate the situation to see if there are any weird/suspicious things going on around the hospital (if she were hospitalized) or her house or immediate relations or whatever. 

What was Claire's homelife like?

It was pretty normal. I think I’ve mentioned it in passing, but basically…

Her dad and her pretty much never spoke, he’d buy her thing (he’d also buy her sister and her mother things) and be all ‘I love you’ and whatever but for the most part they didn’t speak or really interact. He just happened to live in the same house and he happened to pay for things.

Her mom always tried to get closer to Claire, tried talking to her and become FRIENDS~ since her mom was like that. She was kind of distressed that Claire just… refused to get close to her and tended to be extra weird all over Claire’s sister as a result.

Both of her parents pretty much left her alone, though. To Claire they were just sort’ve like roommates that she didn’t have to interact with if she didn’t want to. They existed to give her a place to live and operate from, as far as she’s concerned, and as previously mentioned she doesn’t believe anyone but her actually exists. So they serve their purpose, they aren’t overly interesting so she isn’t interested in them.

Her sister and her talk sometimes but even then it’s nothing mega personal and they’re not super close.

AND ALSO! i'm going to ask you whatyyou asked me: do you get any strong inspirations from other stuff for your characters/stories?


Not that I can think of, no. The only time I base anything heavily on something else is when I’m being super lazy and don’t much feel like investing in something. Even then the only time I think I’ve done this was with Claire, actually, and that was HALF A JOKE. (I’m sure you know this since I think I mentioned it a million years ago when I made Claire but she was heavily based on the Claire from Baccano (Viiiiino)). Sometimes I see interpretations of things that I like and wonder if I can use that without ripping the original person who came up with or altered a specific concept in that way (this used to happen a lot but hasn’t really happened in a VERY LONG TIME). But I don’t have any singular strong inspirational sources, no.

who's Claire? could you talk a bit about her and history?

Claire is Claire.

She’s a girl I usually write/play in her late teens. She thinks everything is the result of her mind. She believes that her sub-conscious puts together worlds to amuse and challenge her. She also thinks she can’t die rather that ‘dying’ will make it obvious she was either bored with a world/setting or it was too challenging for her and her sub-conscious will make her a new world.

Because she exists on modern earth (or did/sort-of-does) this isn’t, at all, true. But I first used her for a TWEWY role-play group, where she was pretty much completely capable of thinking her ideas on her sub-conscious creating everything and she-cannot-die were true. (For those of you who don’t know TWEWY, or The World Ends With You, is about a game people participate in when they’ve died for a shot at coming back to life.) Now I’m going to be using her in SS where she can very easily get the same idea and back-up her claims.

Sometimes she tells people she’s ‘like God’ (mostly to see how they react, really).